BALANCED Exercise Plans

SHED values total health, which is opposite of the extremes our society pushes. One’s physical, emotional and spiritual health cannot be separated. Attempting to do so only creates additional pain. In order to integrate all components of health, SHED offers exercise and meal plans. The goal is to achieve balance while working out, avoiding either inactivity or compulsive exercise. Those who choose this support will be provided:
* Help individuals develop a healthy exercise and eating plan
* Motivate and create accountability for those with a workout and eating plan
* Help you work through obstacles to physical health goals
* Help those with compulsive exercise patterns to develop balance with exercise
The dual effect of working through emotional blocks while using physical movement creates a synergistic approach to tackling issues. Training sessions are available at home, local gyms or outside. A customized program will be developed to fit your goals, passion and schedule. 
Grocery Shopping Coaching 
Grocery shopping can be extremely challenging. Food sometimes feels like the enemy, whether you binge or restrict. Anxiety from all the choices while battling the eating disorder's voices can lead to you using the eating disorder symptom. Or you may avoid grocery shopping just to avoid the discomfort. You do not need to do it alone! We offer support to help you make healthy choices and process through the feelings afterwards, if desired. It can be scheduled one-on-one or in a group. Let us know how we can best support you through this.
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