Nutrition Counseling (in person or by phone) & Medical Device (Bemer)


Ms. Quast's goal is to help you live a full life, which includes complete health, energy and freedom from food obsessions. Health is about eating quality food, not food deprivation or the number on the scale! To do so, Ms. Quast intently listens to your individual health concerns and personal goals. She accustoms a plan, according to your specific food goals and tastes. It is a team approach, rather than a “one plan fits all” approach. As we work, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your body, food and lifestyle choices. The integration of emotions and eating patterns are also addressed since they are directly intertwined. Whether you are experiencing an eating disorder, emotional eating or other health concerns , she wants to work with you to create a lifetime of health in body and mind, through a relationship of compassion.    


Ms. Quast works nutritionally in the following areas:


*Eating disorders

*Emotional eating

*Thyroid issues

*Adrenal fatigue

*High cholesterol & blood pressure

*Increasing energy

*Overall health

Initial consultations are 60-minute. Food is either our medicine or our poison, based on our choices specific to your body. (Since our bodies are unique, food can be healthy for one person, but damaging to another.) With the right information, your health will improve! In this time, Ms. Quast examines your current eating habits, medical history, and address your health concerns, goals, and expectations for the future.  She also discusses your current food intake. Personalized tips, meal and snack suggestions will be provided to optimize your health. The consultation includes a customized plan and handouts! If you already have a food plan, but just need nutrition support, you can opt for the 30-minute sessions.

Please call Ms. Quast at 414-303-1134 or email her at for costs and package deals.


Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes. Working through lifestyle and emotional roadblocks are key to achieving optimal health!  Keep on track with continuous support during these 30-minute follow-up visits. These visits will allow you to address concerns, discuss necessary dietary adjustments, assess your progress and receive additional support and nutrition education, specific to your situation.



Small groups are available to support your journey in dietary and lifestyle changes. Group allows you to express concerns and frustration with others who understand physical and emotional challenges that arise from these changes. You deserve to know you are not alone and that your journey of success is possible. We will discuss practical ways to improve your health goals and process emotions which surface while conquering those goals. Groups are one hour. Contact Rachel for group rates.


Ms. Quast wants to support you in your healthy eating and lifestyle goals. Deciding what to keep and what to discard is confusing and overwhelming. As humans, we often carry emotional attachments to specific food items or only eat limited types of food due to fear. Ms. Quast will support you through the process, while educating you about foods' health value.  You do not have to do this alone. One hour sessions. Contact Rachel for individual rates.


​Hunting through thousands of food options is overwhelming when changing your dietary habits, especially with media's influences. Ms. Quast partners with you at the grocery store, so you don't have to shop alone. She will also teach you how to make healthy choices while on a budget.  You will learn how to read food labels, cut through marketing schemes, while gaining numerous healthful tips. The hardest choice is at the grocery store, before the food is in your home. One hour sessions.

Contact Rachel for individual rates and group rates.



Bemer is an FDA approved medical device which has been proven to increase micro-circulation, take nutrients into cells and remove toxins from cells, improve cardiac function, alkalizes the blood, decreases inflammation, enhance fitness performance and increase mental acuity, stress reduction and stress management. Bemer also aides other health problems by increased blood flow and oxygen uptake . Bemer also includes red light therapy. Sessions can be purchased individually, weekly or you can purchase a unit by contacting Rachel Quast.






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