Groups For Individuals and Within Schools, Corporations or Churches
Support groups are vital to recovery and change. They break isolation and dismantle the beliefs like, “I’m in this alone” or “No one understands what I’m going through.” The power of a group of people with the same goal, who share positive success stories and support each other in challenging times is immense. The leaders insure confidentiality and are Master's level counselors. These components create a healthy structure build upon compassion and safety. For those who do not live near a SHED group, you may join a group online, using SKYPE.

SHED support groups for eating disorders: These groups are lead by a Master's level counselor who has experienced an eating disorder to ensure authentic understanding of members' struggles. We discuss how old hurts contribute to the symptom use, receive individual discharge time, discuss completed activities and discuss topics like body image, feelings, family dynamics and coping skills. These groups are flexible to meet individual needs.
Group participant's testimony:
"I want to make sure you know that this group changed my life. I have been on a relatively healthy track since joining and have been able to pinpoint a lot of triggers and behaviors that have attributed to this disorder. I really appreciate how you honestly do care about us all."
-Sue (Milwaukee)
SHED support groups for family members: Support groups are available for family members. Eating disorders also create great challenges and heaviness for family members. Everyone needs a safe place to express feelings and thoughts. Clearing the feelings helps lessen the pain for family members and clears space for understanding. Changing the family dynamics requires support and practice. SHED offers all of those aspects.
SHED groups for emotional eating: SHED offers groups for those who use food to cope with day to day events and feelings such as: stress, boredom, relationship issues, loneliness and change. Food is everywhere and often advertised as a means to “solve” problems. Though it provides temporary emotional numbing, it never solves the core issues. On the contrary, it only compounds the problems and leads to unnecessary weight gain.  

Contact Ms. Quast to join a group or for further information on locations, group activities and cost.
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