SHED’s™ goal is to help each individual, to feel fulfilled with worth and purpose. We all have hang ups, issues, insecurities, trials and can spend a lifetime stuck .... trying to fill the void... leaving us feeling drained just to maintain life. Our goal is to help individuals discover those empty holes so they can come to a greater understanding about themselves. When this occurs each person can LIVE with peace and happiness---rather than just maintain life. Many times we fear ourselves or circumstances and spend a lifetime covering up those issues. Everyone deserves to feel happy and beautiful no matter what your size or weight. SHED™ wants that for you.  That is where we start....with yourself , by offering a shelter from the storm within. To help create this shelter, SHED™ ensures several things:
1. Safety: We seek to create a safe and accepting environment for you to discover yourself and the life and relationships you want. Growth cannot occur in unsafe environments, so we make this our priority for individuals, small groups and large groups.
2. Acceptance: We accept you as you are. As a team, we work to bring you to a place you want to be, whether that be in counseling, groups, workshops or in-services. The goal is to bring more truth to each person in order to advance her or him on the journey.
3. Compassion: As the founder of SHED™, my heart goes out to you because I’ve walked the same road in experiencing all three eating disorders. I understand the voices of the eating disorder, the fears of letting go of what's comfortable and what it is like to make war with one's self in attempt to create safety, control and release "stuffed" emotions.
In order to reach that goal, SHED™ offers several means: one on one work through counseling, group work, education through public presentations, workshops & in-services and supportive materials like the book, Journey from the Storm Within: 9 steps for eating disorder recovery, support group manuals and DVD. In order to reach more people, SHED™ wants to take its presentations further, nationally and internationally. The more people that are educated on identification of an eating disorder, a negative body image, and a weight problem, the more people can help others or themselves get the support they need.
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